-We Have a new home! After a 2 year building project, we have many people to thank, and Janet Weber is on the top of the list. I was embarking on the lighting fixture project and became totally overwhelmed. I decided to ask Janet to join me and she quickly became my favorite designer and top support person. Her eye for Design and her enthusiastic embrace of our project made me a number one fan. She honed into our style immediately and was able to use her skills to help me decide on the correct selections. She is creative and enthusiastic. Janet stepped forward with opinions on tile, slate, carpeting, flooring and fabric selections. She helped us to broaden our horizons a bit and the result is a home with color, cohesiveness and extreme comfort. We love living here! I told our contractor I would pay Janet just to be with her. Her positive attitude and sense of fun are addictive. Paying her for her decorating expertise is a bonus.
  Becky and Alex Endzell

-An Interior Designer? I found the idea intimidating, considering my own lack of flair, but Janet was as
approachable as a newfound friend. With an easy manner, she listened to my half-baked ideas and pulled  together a beautiful design for my home. My costly mistakes of the past are behind me now. Janet saved me money while creating a beautiful space for me and my family to enjoy every single day. I recommend her wholeheartedly.
  Maureen Lander

-I have managed the design and construction of a wide variety of projects over 25 years. In that time I have worked with many Interior Designers on Developments as diverse as high-end custom homes, 5-star resorts and multi-family residences. I have had the privilege of working with Janet Weber a number of times. She brings a level-headed perspective to creating beautiful designs. Her contributions have been both budget-responsive and uniquely beautiful. She has always worked hard to deliver details and selections in time to meet even the most demanding schedules. Her intuitive ability to create palates that are pleasing and durable has never failed to satisfy the owners that she serves. It is with the greatest enthusiasm that I recommend Janet Weber for any project that strives to distinguish itself from the ordinary.
Bob Strum / Senior Project Manager, Osborne Construction Company